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A Brained New Blog for a Snazzier Site

On September 15, 2020, I introduce my new and improved website, which has been up-Drupaled by experts at 95Visual. The old website had become a hazardous land of sadly-in-need-of-an-update. So I took advantage of a time when just about all you can do is stare at a laptop anyway to transform the site I had been calling Ruined Books into Hyper-Illuminated Books.

commedia man
book with sheep
book with butterflies

The point of having a personal website from the beginning was to show these artworks I call bibliolages. You can find a discussion of this form here, but essentially they are collages built into books. So the proper way to view them is by turning the pages from the beginning to the end. That is not the kind of thing you can do with a work that is hanging on a gallery wall. But to exhibit the work properly would mean many people handling unique books, and inevitably they would begin to wear out. 

A website gives a way of looking and browsing through each work with none of that wear, or god forbid that tear. On the home page you will find book covers of some of these works, and if you click on any one, it will take you to an annual gallery. From there you can click on any cover and the book will open before your eyes, which is a more effective location than before your knees.

There are well over one hundred bibliolages in there.

maximilist body shots collage
maximilist body shots collage
and more

On this new site, you can also find notices of events--talks, exhibits, performances.

And you can find information on the other sorts of work I do, like Eugene O'Neill research.


E. O'Neill in France
Eugene O'Neill
and more

And collecting nothing, as I explain in Collections of Nothing. And coming up, a play about collecting.


Please pass the word!

yoga woman
two characters with cut strips of colorful paper between them