Catalogue of Bibliolages

Catalogue of Hyper-Illuminated Books

2023 (7)

  • The Ubiquitous Pig Audubon Engagement Calendar
  • Hogarth Outgrowths
  • The 'Book of Post-Raphaelites
  • The Nothing King Bücher der Heiligen Schrift
  • The King of Nothing Fantasy
  • Babes, Beast, and Brawn: A Passionate Collaboration, Sculpture of the Fantastic
  • Ceci n'est pas une Magritte

2022 (10)

  • All for Andover: You Can't Go Home Again
  • All for Andover: Discipline and Punish
  • The Museum of the Modern Art Barn
  • The Netsuke at Mono Lake (redux)
  • Ben Finds a Fantasy
  • Eva King Projects
  • Stopping by Dinosaurs on a Snowy Evening
  • Victorian Expressionismus
  • Simple Plastics: How Japanese Toys Conquered the Shakers in America
  • Precision Cherubs for Body & Mime/Babies of Illinois

2021 (11)

  • Wild & Wonderful Weather--2021 Wall Calendar
  • Much Loved Dirty Wow Wow of America
  • Earthscapes and the Beast
  • Journey to the Nephi Abinadi Mormormormormon
  • Capturing the Moment Nonstop Dancing
  • Abstract Whiz-Bang
  • American Originals Dance Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Haunted Homes Icky Icky
  • The Netsuke at Mono Lake of Ueda Reikichi
  • The State Park of California Ulenspiegel: 2022 calendar
  • Space Body: 2022 calendar

2020 (8)

  • Ways of Seeing Sex & Death in Marriage
  • EI Through a Glass Darkly SENS TAEDT Ocular 
  • Real West Sites & Structures
  • Divine Comedy: Herman Inferno, The Far Side Purgatorio, Charles Addams Paradiso
  • A Way of Seeing Sex & Death in Marriage
  • The American Elephants
  • We Are Kate Greenaway
  • The American Strongman or Not!

2019 (9)

  • My Dolly's Home by Valentino Pucci Chanel
  • The Forbidden Springs of Joy
  • Cuba Baba Bible
  • Owls of Old Time
  • Pun Chaos Pun Couture
  • The Naive Art of Abandonment
  • Acid? Free
  • Shakti Uncle Wiggily
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy in Wonderland: Judo

2018 (8)

  • Feuerman Vermeer
  • The Dark: New Nude
  • Full Moon Dancing
  • Raggedy Ann and Ayn Rand: The Lonely Ones
  • An Artist Poops
  • The Americans China
  • Condoleezza Liberace
  • Ralph Gibson Grünewald El Greco Cosmode

2017 (5)

  • Sunset: The Magazine of Victorian Living
  • Shameless Chic by Accident: Savage Art
  • West Point: The Collection 2017
  • Sick Kitsch: More Than the Body in Question
  • Marvel US Place

2016 (10)

  • The Dark Erotic Literature--NC 17
  • The Dark Secret Language of Sleep--PG 13
  • The Dark Art of Disney Bible and How They Lived--G
  • The History of This Is My Wish for the Future
  • The Nothing King: Special Cases
  • Sports Illustrated Leaves of Ass
  • Indians of the Heidi
  • Post-Modern Prairie Schoolhouse
  • The Art of the Far Out East
  • 50 Photographs Black and White

2015 (11)

  • The Young King Vargas
  • Lively Reading Woman
  • Cirque du Primitive City Spaces Avatar
  • The Dark Sexology--R
  • Arnold Palmer Ruins Eurotard Dancewear
  • Maximalist Interior Body Shots
  • Time of Clearer Twitterings--Cheese
  • Crime Like a Soprano
  • Adam Sandler: Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death: America's Comedian
  • Edward Weston: The Form of the Nude Clown
  • Understanding the Far Eastern Western Horizon of Healing

2014 (11)

  • Hummel Faust at War
  • People of the Wisdom of Buddha
  • Human Anatomy in the Romantic Style
  • The Romantic Landscape: Human Anatomy
  • It's a Girl Thing: Vivilore
  • Norman Rockwell: Faith in the Soviet Image
  • Big Farmer Big Jesus
  • Why Not Say What Happened Inside the White House?
  • Vlaminck Dinosaurs
  • A Pictorial History of the American Boatry
  • Everyday Dogs Redone

2013 (12)

  • A Book of Bibliolage
  • Early MAnthropologie
  • Webster's International The Stones of Summer Dictionary
  • Populuxe Scenery and Lighting
  • Little Merry Road Trips de la Biblia
  • eXtreme garden golf viXens
  • Yogi the Bear: "I Really Didn't Say Everything I Said"
  • Extra Buttons (after Bruegel)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright's House Liberated
  • Beneath the Rose Theatre
  • Space Gods of the Gods
  • Abstract Options

2012 (14)

  • Bathrooms of Belief
  • Organic Gray Grain Koans
  • A Summer’s Day Man, Myth, and Magic
  • Nu Sexpuppen Icones
  • The Commedia dell’Arte of Andrew Wyeth
  • Armed America: ‘Toons for Our Times
  • After Nature and on the Eighth Day
  • On the World of the World of the Art of Art
  • Zapata Geisha
  • Water Babies Ten Commandments
  • The Diagnosis of Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Nervous Diseases
  • Medieval Guardians of Being Dead
  • Edward Hopper Hopper
  • Frank Sinatra: The Robot Who Found America

2011 (22)

  • Charley Harper: Mystic Quests
  • Tarzan Nightmares in the Sky
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull Nude
  • The Capacity to Be Alone
  • Dali’s Must Ache
  • The NRA Guide to Bambi
  • Infinity Cartoons
  • Chakras the Little Me and the Great Me Kundalini
  • American Rooms in Miniature und die Moral von der Geschicht
  • Gina Lollobrigida Aubrey Beardsley Stealth
  • A Walk in the City: Max und Moritz
  • In Response to Place
  • Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Max Beckmann
  • Keaton Capote
  • The WET Workout: Private Pepper Comes Home
  • I Wonder Why to Buy an Elephant
  • Uncle Wiggily Goes Camping Beyond Science
  • Martha Stewart’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination
  • Many Are Called People
  • Dangerous Liaisons First Seen
  • Arbus Apocalypse Easter Dinosaurs

2010 (24)

  • Theses on the Philosophy of History/Verso
  • Tell Me About Jesus Snakes
  • Elie Tahari: Tombs, Graves & Mummies
  • Revenge of the Sith Chinese Painting
  • Urban Anxiety
  • Ein Pilegrims Vandring Conquest of the Moon
  • Now We Are Sex
  • Amnesiac Warriors
  • Dali Dali Dali
  • My Very Own Other Worlds
  • Just So I Play Golf
  • Life Legends of Owls
  • The Plain People Space Walks from the Ozarks
  • Comic’s Greatest World Gift of the Magi
  • ABC Red Army Uniforms of World War II
  • On the Pulse of Morning I’m Going to Saks
  • Exposed Images of America at Edge 55
  • Found Paris
  • The Best of the Pirelli Picasso
  • Light Years Die Welt
  • Youth Under Dictators into the Unknown Jesus
  • Baryshnikov: A Woman of Style
  • It’s a Wonderful Red Balloon Life
  • Cats Dogs

2009 (9)

  • Greece Sports Mosaics
  • The Pioneers Believe It or Not
  • Twisted Yoga
  • A Visit to the Hospital
  • This Is Water
  • Rousseau: The History of Medicine (second version)
  • Giotto Gorey
  • The Gift of Nothing Object Lesson
  • The Smithsonian Boo of Invention [sic]
  • Ein Pilgrims Vandring Conquest of the Moon

2008 (4)

  • Popular Swann’s Way, Illustrating and Describing the Animal Kingdom with its Wonders and Curiosities
  • The Olympics Cowboys and Indians
  • The Real Mother Goose Sex Book
  • McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader

2007 (6)

  • Redstone Diary
  • National Gallery of Art weekly diary
  • Rousseau: The History of Medicine
  • Dürer Doré Duras
  • Americana
  • The Book of Ruth Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

2006 (1)

  • The Anomalous Atlas of La

2005 (1)

  • The Haunted Family of Man Screen Manga

2004 (1)

  • Wo ist der Heiliger Geist?

2003 (2)

  • Clepsydra
  • Revised New Testament

2002 (1)

  • Incunabular Pictionary of the New Practical Standard Dictionary Lexikon of the New World Dictionary, Based on the Labours of the Most Eminent Lexicographers


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