Cirque du Primitive Spaces Avatar

12" x 9"
Cirque du Primitive Spaces Avatar

City Spaces: Photographs of Chicago Alleys by Bob Thall, afterword by Ross Miller (Santa Fe, NM: Center for American Places, 2002)

Varekai by Cirque du Soleil (Montreal: Cirque du Soleil, 2007?)

Masterpieces of Primitive Art: The Nelson Rockefeller Collection, photographs by Lee Boltin, text by Douglas Newton, foreword by André Malraux, introduction by Nelson A. Rockefeller (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1978)

The Making of Avatar by Jody Duncan and Lisa Fitzpatrick (New York: Abrams)

The Human Figure in Art from Prehistoric Time to the Present Day by Charles Wentinck, translated from the French by Eva Cooper (Wynnewood, PA: Livingston Publishing Company, 1970)

The Folk Art of Latin America: Visiones del Pueblo by Marion Oettinger, Jr. (New York: Dutton Studio Books in association with Museum of American Folk Art, 1992)

National Anthropological Museum by Maria Antonieta Cervantes (Barcelona: Ediciones Grijalbo, 1980)



Cirque du Primitive City Spaces Avatar—November 18, 2015--original blog post

City Spaces asked me to occupy, but I had to send my avatar—or my ancestor or acrobat.

Down these mean streets a weird goblin must go.

Weighty and weightless.

Lighten up, whydoncha!

Title page.

god looking