Edward Hopper Hopper

9" x 11.75"
Hopper Hopper

Edward Hopper, 1883-1967: Transformation of the Real by Rolf Gunter Renner (San Diego, CA: Thunder Bay Press, 1997)

Edward Hopper: The Art and the Artist by Gail Levin (NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 1980)


"The only real influence I've ever had was myself."--Edward Hopper

"In every artist's development the germ of the later work is always found in the earlier. The nucleus around which the artist's intellect builds his work is himself; the central ego, personality, or whatever it may be called, and this changes little from birth to death. What he once was, he always is, with slight modification. Or not." --Edward Hopper, with slight modification

Hopper Hopper, March 8, 2013--original blog post

Two books about Edward Hopper have (been) joined together to form Hopper Hopper, and those lonely individuals, drenched in anomie, are not quite so lonely now. The anomie has been mopped up a little.


The core book started coming unglued after I was well along in the process, so I stitched it up at the end.


The title page is important to me always, and here I had the multihopper looking on.


Santa Barbara sun coming in through the scanner. Don't forget the screen.

Naked Nighthawky.


                                        Back cover: front porch. Hipper Hopper looking on.


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