Rousseau: The History of Medicine (Two versions)

8.75" x 11.25"

Rousseau, edited by David Larkin

Medicine: An Illustrated History by Albert S. Lyons and R. Joseph Petrucelli  (New York: Abrams, 1978)

The History of Medicine

I made this bibliolage twice, first in 2008, then again in 2009. Same combination of sources, two versions. 

[Alfred Jarry] commissioned Rousseau to paint his portrait--a portrait he used for target practice, only his head finally surviving on the canvas" (3)

Rousseau: The History of Medicine—August 10, 2014--original blog post

Many physicians in my family—brothers, father, grandfather, now a nephew, and others—but my pathway was distracted by the likes of Henri Rousseau.

Known as Le Douanier (Customs Officer).

When I came upon a book about the history of medicine, I thought to bring them together.

Then I came upon the same two books and decided to .  . . do it again.

You see?