Young King Vargas

13.25" x 10"
Young King Vargas

The Young King and Other Fairy Tales by Oscar Wilde, illustrated by Sandro Nardini and Enrico Bagnoli, introduced by John Updike (New York: Macmillan, 1962)

Vargas by Alberto Vargas and Reid Austin, foreword by Hugh Hefner (New York: Harmony Books, 1978)

The Nineteenth Century: The Contradictions of Progress, texts by Asa Briggs, John Roberts, James Joll, F. Bedarida, F.M.L. Thompson, John Rohl, Brian Bond, A.P. Thornton, Marcus Cunliffe, Hugh Seton-Watson, edited by Asa Briggs (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1970)

oh Vargas!

"Is this too strange? Or have you, in fact, always known it to be true?" (v)

"And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream." (4)

The Young King Vargas—December 17, 2015--original blog post

When I saw the title The Young King I knew this could be something good.

The young King would need a mate for play, a girl for this boy.

And what better girl than a Vargas girl, the girl, eventually, of Playboy?

Oscar Wilde wrote the story,

but it needed something.

What a varlet!

rear end