Crime Like a Soprano

9" x 6"
Crime Like a Soprano

Like a Soprano by David Starkey (Florham Park, NJ: Sewing House Books, 2014)

True Crime Detective Magazines by Eric Godtland and Dian Hanson (Taschen)

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Crime Like a Soprano—June 6, 2015--original blog post

In my creative community, I am fortunate to have Mr. David Starkey as a friend. He has for years put on a local-access TV show called The Creative Community, and not long ago he did a segment looking at my bibliolages, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Click here for a link.

David is a prolific and prodigious poet, and several months back I heard him read from an amazing book called Like a Soprano (Sewing House Books, 2014).

He wrote this book in the process of rewatching the complete run of The Sopranos, and each poem is titled after an episode.

When I saw all that blank space by which a poem becomes a form on a page, I knew I could find a way to occupy it.

As a gift.

Not a violation.

Not a crime.

Like a dish of gabagool I could bring over.

And True Crime came to hand.

And eye.