Maximilist Interior Body Shots

10" x 10.75"
Maximilist Interior Body Shots

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yoga man
max int bod shps

"MAXIMALISM involves the individual use of order to create chaos, and vice-versa, in the tradition of the high/low art experience of life-force through self and surrounding, both inner and outer, be it in gallery or gutter, necessary for survival and its glory expressed through images that haunt the imagination through colour/form and content, to growth both personal and societal, in the acceptance and celebration of the on-going change that is the only constancy of life/death, whose logic is witty, sometimes." (7) 

"Maximise to the max." (9)

two characters with cut strips of colorful paper between them
Maximalist Interior Body Shots—July 4, 2015

Maximalism seems to be an aesthetic of allowed clutter, which is like a howdy-do to me. Interior designers are usually more inclined to want the I-just-threw-everything-in-the-closet-this-morning-before-the-photographer-arrived look. So this book of decorator self-love (self-abuse) comes at you from a different angle, and I like it—love/abuse. (Fellini)

Enough to contribute.

Each chapterette is a house I have visited, with such an army of images as

Burne-Jones post-raphaelite

clown coulrophobia

Leonardo Da Vinci Da Vidi Da Veni

Luis Royo luridness

Pompeian porn

Expressionist pressions

Degas galore

Vermeer atmosphermeer

tai chi teachers

and much else besides—muchness being the point.