My Dolly's Home by Valentino Pucci Chanel

9.75" x 12"
My Dolly's Home by Valentino Pucci Chanel

My Dolly's Home by Doris Davey after Helen Waite (London: Arts and General Publishers, 1921)

Images of Penance, Images of Mercy: Southwestern Santos in the Late Nineteenth Century by William Wroth, with an Introduction to Part 2 by Marta Weigle (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1991)

Animals: 1419 Copyright-Free Illustrations, selected by Jim Harter (NY: Dover, 1979)

Valentino by Bernadine Morris (NY: Universe/Vendome, 1991)

Emilio Pucci by Mariuccia Casadio (NY: Assouline, 2003)

Chanel by François Baudot (NY: Universe/Vendome, 1996)

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My Dolly’s Home by Valentino Pucci Chanel—November 3, 2019--original blog post

A pretty cool children's book, 98 years old.

A proto-pop-up book. That gate opens.

An imagined space in which a story of a Dolly name Betty has her existence.

See the little cabinets. They open.

This book seemed to want Mexican penance figures, Euro-models, and engraved animals.

Interactive. The fence swings.

Betty swings. Dolly, too.

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