Shameless Chic by Accident: Savage Art

10.5" x 13.5"
Shameless Chic by Accident

Chic by Accident by Emmanuel Picault, Alexandra Garcia Ponce, ed., Khaled Aboumrad. Fabian Bijou, Roxana Villalobos Waisbord, Sandro Landucci Lerdo de Tejada (Madrid: Turner, 2007)

Shameless Art, foreword by Edward Mason (Nevada City, CA: Underwood Books, 2010)--two copies

Savage Art: 20th Century Genre and the Artists That Defined It, intro. by Frank M. Robinson (Nevada City, CA: Underwood Books, 2010)

Savage Art

"Para ser imprudente hay que confiar en si mismo." Raymond Radiguet

"Weird Tales"

Oops!—April 23, 2017--original blog post

Remarkable what cheek one finds in one's life by accident of being rich.

Style for style's sake.

Chic by Accident details the simple elegance of a life with cash and a life with vowels (Spanish, Italian, French).

The book is listed on, but its sales rank is over eighteen million, which means it probably never was for sale. One—and only one—used copy is listed for over seven hundred dollars. (I noticed that only after gluing a few dozen pix in it.)

Every feature of this book is a class act (-ion suit of clothes horse set).

There is nothing specific it is trying to sell. A feeling.

An angle.

A life style.

A spin.

After buying it at the Planned Parenthood book sale for ten dollars, at which I gulped, I kept it on the shelf two years.

It's a big book, and so it calls for impressive size in its inserts.

Then I came across Shameless Art, a volume of sexy genre images from the pulps.

And that led me to another volume in the same series, Savage Art, the same sort of stuff except mostly guys with guns and gritted teeth.

And the scale—it’s the scale I liked best, as these pulp figures could fill the vacancies of Euro chicanery. And from all that we derive Shameless Chic by Accident: Savage Art. 

Vulgarity is in the eyes of the beholder.

two characters with cut strips of colorful paper between them