Space Gods of the Gods

23" x 17"
Space Gods

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of the Gods

"It probably isn't too fanciful to suppose that even the earliest human being nurtured dreams of traveling beyond earth's bounds" --Michael Sharpe (6)

"The culmination of the Mercury/Vostok projects brought the curtain down on the first chapter in space exploration. They had paved the way for . . . what had so recently been thought impossible--putting a man on the moon."-Michael Sharpe (9)


This book is so huge that it defies capture in scans. Most of these pictures were taken on my phone in 2022, though the bibliolage was done in 2014. 

Space Gods of the Gods—March 3, 2014--original blog post

Big gap since last post. HUGE new bibliolage, biggest ever. Elephantine. Each page the size of a road map, and many of the images took up the whole page, as big as a Cape Canaveral rocket launch, a Titan V, a Sputnik, Apollo I through Infinity. NASA (and the publisher) reached for the gods--and found them multi-form, in the image of the human ego.

No way to fit the book on my scanner, which is 14 by 17, so everything here is “detail."

I enjoyed the giant images, but then I got bogged down in the endless quantity of smaller pics—rocket launches and group portraits of Russian astronauts.

But the discipline of bibliolage dictates that EVERY picture must be treated. No favoritism.

And all at large scale. In the third month of work on this labor, I began to look at it as Job. A trial of my patience. Those gods!

But every sentence ends.